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Employee Certifications

Help your employees stand out in their field. Many professions recognize, or require, certifications that denote a level of competency or excellence. Our certification courses help your employees achieve and maintain various professional certifications including PMI/PMP, CompTIA, ITIL, Microsoft, HRCI, Six Sigma, and more.

Food Allergen Training for Restaurant Training Courses

Allergies to specific ingredients and items are increasingly common. While allergies usually cause reactions such as sneezing and coughing, some can be much more severe and even fatal.

Restaurant workers need to be cautious about common allergens found in their menu items. While other cautionary measures such as listing ingredients in menu descriptions are effective, one of the most important practices is to train your employees. Especially since servers are at the forefront of customer service in a restaurant and should be well equipped to deal with allergens and people with allergies.

Food Allergen Training is a restaurant training course that is designed to educate employees about food allergens and how to serve people with allergies.

After they complete the course, employees would be able to identify the most common food allergens and sources of all such allergens, which will help the waitstaff decide whether a dish consisting of a certain ingredient is suitable for a person with specific allergies.

Additionally, the waitstaff will also be able to differentiate between food allergies and intolerances and understand how to handle situations when they arise.

With this specific restaurant training course, staff members will be able to prepare and explain allergen-free meals and notify emergency response personnel in case a serious reaction occurs.

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